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We Stand with Fahd Pahdepie

Visual brand for fahd pahdepie in a campaign towards the election of mayor of South Tangerang.
Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime Logo

Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime (UPYC) Logo

A design concept by Hubton Indonesia for Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime (UPYC), a UK wide project that examines children’s experiences of crime, victimization, and policing.

Health Infographic for Persify

An infographic that aims to raise awareness about obesity. With helpful visual aid, Hubton provided a quick guideline to measure one's BMI and how to stay in shape. Another message to be delivered is that although obesity is killing the world, it is completely preventable.
Infographic for Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono Video Ad

Infographic and Illustration for Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Documentary

Infographics and illustrations to be used in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's documentary on his 10 years of presidency. In this project, Hubton collaborated with Rhaya Flicks, one of Indonesia's leading companies in the cinema industry.
Gedung Sate - Mahakarya Arsitektur Nusantara Modern Book Cover

Mahakarya Arsitektur Nusantara Modern

A book cover design project for a souvenir book that consists of the Indonesian Nation's architectural masterpieces specially developed for honorary guests of West Java provincial office.

Style Sourcebook

Style Sourcebook is an award-winning product sourcing and styling destination that can be used to visualize interior designs through shareable “mood boards”. The ultimate goal is to bring together all the tools, people, and ideas to help the user create their perfect space.

About Hubton

Hubton Indonesia, a Brand Strategist located in the heart of Bandung, Indonesia, has served clients around globe. We strive to give world-class quality design solutions to clients from various sectors.

We can help you design all-in-one gear for your brand: from Logo to Website and everything in between. Assisting you to achieve your business goals with clear and executable strategies. Together, we define brands, prioritise  needs, create desired customer/user journeys, provide actionable insights and make strategic recommendations that can be deployed within your organisation.

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