5 Ways to Show Appreciation and Why It Matters at Work

Hubton has been greatly benefiting from helpful tools, such as Adobe, Figma, Overflow, Monday, Notion, and the like. These tools have been giving meaningful impacts for us as a team and we’d love to say thanks to people behind them.

Our team is accustomed to taking a personal approach to things. So, we really want to show our appreciation for the people behind these tools. Their tools are awesome! As product developers ourselves, we knew first-hand all the sweat and tears invested in creating tools, in developing a useful product for people.

Since giving personal appreciation is not something possible to do in this case, our only way is to subscribe, purchase, and use these tools optimally. Learn about them so we can understand the tools more. We are eager to find the next ‘surprise’ behind these tools.

In a broader sense and in daily life or at work, however, it is reasonably easier to show appreciation. But do we do it enough?

Sometimes, we forgot that appreciation is a human need. It is often seen as something that would be nice to have but not urgently needed. But, in reality, it is so important that 66% of employees participating in this study say they would “likely leave their job if they didn’t feel appreciated.”

Appreciation gives us purpose and changes perceptions. It emits positivity, because knowing that you truly make a difference is important. Additionally, humans are social creatures. We thrive in a supportive environment, and you know full well that thriving is way better than just living.

We can go on and on about why being appreciated is good for us. Now let’s talk about returning the favor. Similar to the five languages of love, there are different forms of communication that you can do to show your appreciation to others, or in this case, your teammates. Today, I’m taking you through five ways of showing appreciation and real-life examples from behind our office (now, from our own home) doors.

1. Say your appreciation out loud

We often hear that action matters more than words. While this is legitimately true in so many ways, people are not mind-readers. They need to hear our intentions via actual descriptions—with words and sentences. When we are grateful for other people and their actions, it’s really helpful to verbalize your appreciation. Let’s take saying “thank you”, “please”, and “sorry”. It looks like surface-level, yet its the most important form of communication to express that you are appreciative.

Photo by Ed Rojas on Unsplash

2. Take actual, physical action

We usually appreciate other people’s efforts because we know it’s good to be appreciated and it’s not wrong or bad at all. As a sign of acceptance for their efforts, we can do our best in doing something that makes them feel acknowledged and appreciated. Simple things like holding the door open or making an extra cup of coffee for your coworker will do. You may not be able to see much, but your appreciative actions might mean the world for other people!

3. Make room for mistakes

When we make a mistake, we feel uncomfortable with ourselves due to fear of what the world might say about us. At times that you feel this way, you know that every human being is born unique and it’s okay not to always meet other people’s expectations. People make mistakes and learn from them. Wouldnt that be nice if people can understand us like this, too?

If your answer is yes then maybe its time to look at it from the giving end. When other people make mistakes, it’s really uplifting to pause and recognize that they have done their best despite the flaws. Giving forgiveness is also part of appreciation and it opens up learning opportunities. After all, the flaws that we have are part of our journey in being human.

4. Show up and be there

Another easy way to show appreciation to other people is being by their side. The easy act of being there when someone needs our presence can give a special impact on them. Appreciation is an important part of a relationship—any kind of relationship. When parents can attend their child’s graduation, this shows how much the parents appreciate their child’s achievement. When you listen to your friends’ frustration after a long day at work, it shows that you appreciate them.

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Photo by Rémi Walle on Unsplash

5. Thank you for your purchase!

Here we are at the most tangible and direct form of appreciation—money. When you love a product/service so dearly you are likely to try it and buy it. Saying thanks and giving feedback to those who created them when you can, is also another great way to increase the chance for the quality of the product to get closer and closer to what you wished for. It’s a healthy win-win.

There are many other ways to show your appreciation. The above list is just a few of them. Ultimately, appreciation is something we need to take the time to do because it’s a beautiful art of accepting something that directly benefits us. It makes you a better team player. It’s a means of returning a favor or simply letting others know we are grateful.

So, have you been meaning to appreciate something this year? Share with us in the comment section below.