Illustration for ‘Your Tears, Mother’ from Denny JA

Air Matamu Ibu (​Your Tears, Mother) is a musicalization of an essay poem by Denny JA​. The poem tells a story of the longing of the beautiful past from a point of view of a son who wonders about the meaning behind his mother’s tears.
White safety helmet with 'SBA Textile' written on the side and SBA logo on the front

SBA Textile Rebranding

SBA Textile is a reputable yarn manufacturer dedicated to practicing eco-friendly business. As part of the process of transitioning into a public company, SBA Textile celebrates the big step in the textile industry with a brand new identity that helps reflect their values in a more relevant way.

Health Infographic for Persify

An infographic that aims to raise awareness about obesity. With helpful visual aid, Hubton provided a quick guideline to measure one's BMI and how to stay in shape. Another message to be delivered is that although obesity is killing the world, it is completely preventable.

Style Sourcebook

Style Sourcebook is an award-winning product sourcing and styling destination that can be used to visualize interior designs through shareable “mood boards”. The ultimate goal is to bring together all the tools, people, and ideas to help the user create their perfect space.
Infographic for Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono Video Ad

Infographic and Illustration for Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Documentary

Infographics and illustrations to be used in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's documentary on his 10 years of presidency. In this project, Hubton collaborated with Rhaya Flicks, one of Indonesia's leading companies in the cinema industry.
Gedung Sate - Mahakarya Arsitektur Nusantara Modern Book Cover

Mahakarya Arsitektur Nusantara Modern

A book cover design project for a souvenir book that consists of the Indonesian Nation's architectural masterpieces specially developed for honorary guests of West Java provincial office.

Peace Generation Indonesia Official Website

Peace Generation Indonesia is a non-governmental organization that focuses on promoting peace education through creative media. We work alongside Peace Generation Indonesia in their journey towards a more digitized path.


The website for this school alumni association was developed to serve as a centralized platform for networking, opportunity sharing, and social interaction. Existing member data was incorporated into the web development using a unique UX solution to safeguard the information.
Telkom employees accessing DigiLearn using different devices

DigiLearn by Telkom Corporate University

DigiLearn is a brand new digital learning platform from Telkom Corpu. In collaborative teamwork, Hubton takes part in providing visual communication guidelines and assets as well as an overall communication campaign strategy for the development and product kick-off.
Airlangga Hartanto - Salam Empat Jari Illustration

Salam Empat Jari Illustration

This illustration was created for the Salam Empat Jari Community. This community was founded by Airlangga Hartanto, and declared on the 4th of April (4), 2018. The community as civil society was developed to welcome the 4th industrial revolution with 4 main programs.
Storyboard for Prabowo Subianto Video Ad

Storyboard for Prabowo Subianto Video Ad

Hubton to provide illustration services to further be used as a storyboard for Prabowo Subiyanto Video Ad. The storyboard aims to help navigate the production of the video in a clear and helpful way.
Neuk Identity

Neuk Identity

A brand identity that blurs the geographical lines and boundaries to exhibit Neuk's values and standards as a provider of quality children’s apparel with global standards.
Application of Fahd Pahdepie campaign design on a T-shirt, tote bag, and pins

We Stand with Fahd Pahdepie

In this project, Hubton delivers an optimistic visual identity for Fahd Pahdepie's campaign during his time of running for Mayor of South Tangerang, Indonesia.
Infographic for Lingkaran Survei Indonesia Video Ad

Infographic for Lingkaran Survei Indonesia

In this project, we design the illustration assets for a video ad by a reputable survey and political consultancy institution in Indonesia. The assets aim at enriching the video with visual representations of the information.
Kutunggu di Setiap Kamis Book Cover

Kutunggu di Setiap Kamis Book Cover

Kutunggu di Setiap Kamis is an essay-poetry about 400 Thursdays across the presidential palace. The Thursday here refers to the weekly peaceful rally called Kamisan (roughly translated as "Every Thursday"), for the families of victims of human rights violations in Indonesia.
Roti untuk Hati Book Cover

Roti untuk Hati Book

One of Hubton's most thorough book design projects; Denny JA shares his spiritual journey around religion, reality, and contentment through a 1,020-page poem collections book.
Trektown Identity

Trektown Identity

A new brand and identity have been developed for Trektown (formerly Ebike ID) to cater to their broad market and to represent their expertise as one of the pioneering companies that provide personal electric vehicle products and services in Indonesia.
Liberia Peacekeeping Journal Book Cover

Liberia Peacekeeping Journal Book

A design exploration of Luigi Pralangga's journal that tells the story of his peacekeeping mission in Liberia, West Africa. While addressing a vulnerable topic, the journal uses a rather comedic delivery to unveil the other side of this patriotic mission.
Mehrdad Janzemini Identity

Mehrdad Janzemini

This logo was created as a visual manifestation of the professional MMA fighter, Mehrdad Janzemini's identity.
Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime Logo

Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime (UPYC) Logo

A design concept by Hubton Indonesia for Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime (UPYC), a UK wide project that examines children’s experiences of crime, victimization, and policing.
Lettermark of 124 brand on a black tote bag

124 Identity

An ambigram that spells out 124 as the name of a school alumni association. This identity is intended to represent the conjunction of two student batches (the 12th and 24th school batch) in the association.