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On several occasions ago, Hubton became a resource for the article entitled “Indonesia’s Freelancers are in Great Demand by Worldwide Clients” (translated), published in Tribun Jabar Newspaper on January 5, 2018.

As one of the companies engaged in website production, surely Hubton Indonesia is required to be always relevant among the development of the digital realm in Indonesia and worldwide.


Globally, freelancers from Indonesia are in great demand due to their competitive rates, while maintaining the quality of of their works.

As can be seen today, technological advances have been widely applied to various aspects of life, especially digital devices. This condition is considered to be beneficial for the experts in the field of Information Technology, so the demand for these services are undoubtedly increased, both in Indonesia and worldwide. But in particular, globally, freelancers from Indonesia are in great demand due to their competitive rates, while maintaining the quality of of their works, for example, creating web contents and a web design with a high level of creativity and complexity.

CEO of Hubton Indonesia, Andini Endah Pratiwi, took an opinion on this matter. According to her, the competitive services tariff is a major factor why Indonesian freelancers, especially those in the web design industry, became quite high in demand. Futhermore, she added that one of the things that boost the popularity of IT freelancers in Indonesia is the fact that Indonesia’s web content and the number of internet users which increased in the last few years in Indonesia is a benchmark for the stability of establishment of digital industry in Indonesia.

At Hubton Indonesia alone, the proportion between domestic and foreign client is proportional to 80-20, with numbers being surpassed by clients from abroad. One of Hubton’s regulars from Australia, Jen Clark Design, has even entrusted Hubton Indonesia to handle the production matters based on their Australian client requests.

In addition, Andini also added that with the current circumstances where the demand of experts in the field of IT in Indonesia is increasing, hopefully that the Indonesian government can also contribute in facilitating things related to licensing or socialization. In reality, among other things, Hubton Indonesia has experienced a little difficulty when trying to involve in the classification of businesses listed in the Trading Business License Letter (SIUP), for bureaucracy purpose for the company.

The need for government’s role for the socialization to the wider public about graphic design, especially in terms of website designing and such, needs to be initiated, so that the targeted audience is hopefully prevailed by the local clients in Indonesia.

(Hubton Indonesia).

Note: The translation of the article can be found within this post.