Indonesia’s Freelancers are in Great Demand by Worldwide Clients

The following post is a translated version of the article titled “Freelancer RI Banyak Diminati Konsumen Asing“, which was published on January 5th 2018 by Tribun Jabar newspaper.


The blurb taken from Tribun Jabar newspaper, January 5th 2018

The world of information technology and creative design in Indonesia continues to show progress immensely. This condition is analogously in line with the development of global digital technology, that is applied to various devices, such as gadgets and personal computers.

It also has a positive impact for the development of the IT world in the field of graphic design, particularly in terms of web content and web development field. This advancement makes the consumers from abroad who require experts or consultants in this field is increasing.

This matter is also a concern for Graphic Designer and Web Developer, Andini Endah Pratiwi. CEO & UX Designer Hubton Indonesia. She said that foreign customers are very interested in using the services of Indonesian freelancers, especially to build web content to web design. It is believed to be caused by the attractiveness of the creative design and site content, while the tariff is very competing compared to other freelancers globally.

“In addition to their creativity and competitive prices, the general work ethic of Indonesian freelancers are also favored by foreign consumers,” said Andini to Tribun in the office of Hubton Indonesia, Ir H Juanda Street, on Thursday (4/1).

To put an example, Andini stated that her company, Hubton Indonesia, which engaged in digital practices, has more number in foreign clients compared to consumers they have in Indonesia locally. “The comparison is 80 to 20, we have much more clients abroad than locals.” she added.

She also added that the vast number of freelance graphic designers and website content from Indonesia that is being hired by global clients is one prove that the progression in the graphic design and technology in Indonesia is considerably excellent compared to the development globally. There are even several foreign establishments proposed to collaborate with the local companies from Bandung in order to expand their business to a greater extent. “For example, the Jen Clark Design company from Melbourne, Australia, entwined Hubton Indoenesia as their side for matters that is related to web designing, or even graphic design generally,” she conveyed.

Andini claimed that Jen Clark Design assigned Hubton Indonesia as their “kitchen”, a place of behind the scene production of website development before it is released for the clients in Australia. “It is Jen Clark’s role to gain new clients in Australia, here in Bandung, people in Hubton are the one who develop the project fully.”, she expressed.

The notable significance of interest in design technology professionals in Indonesia, said Andini, should be accompanied by the intervention of government, specially for matters relating to release a business permit or socialization. It must be admitted that licensing to establish a graphic design company in Indonesia is rather complicated. This relates to classification of business listing in the official trading license (SIUP), in which web design establishment has not been specifically listed.

“People are not that familiar with graphic design, especially about the content of the site, so when we set up the offline shop, the public is not familiar about what this place might offer. That is just one example, so the role of government is needed to make this knowledge in graphic design more widely known to society, so that the target audience is not eminently controlled by foreign clients, but also by the local ones,” she said.

(from Tribun Jabar, January 5th 2018)

(Hubton Indonesia).