Coworking Space: A new movement of productivity

Coworking refers to the style of working in groups. In coworking, each person may do different work but they still sit together in one room.

people-sitting-at-coworking-meetingCoworking space is an alternative to regular office work with a more casual setting. Commonly, coworking is done by people who work from home in a place called coworking space. Among other reasons, they usually need the space to have a better-designated place for work and reserve their home for more personal needs.

The emergence

Since about 2005, coworking space sprawled sporadically, especially in San Francisco. In 2015, the number of coworking spaces has doubled since their early emergence, especially in Asia. Here, this space offers a brilliant breakthrough for productive individuals.

The number of coworking spaces has been rapidly growing in several major cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. Subsequently, this happens due to the growing numbers of people engaged in the creative sector. Also, considering the tendency of smaller team members, many businesses in this sector find coworking space work better with their budget.

Optimal use of coworking space

It seems that initiatives with a smaller number of resources are taking over the majority of work today. With technological advancement, land jobs are not just monopolized by big companies. Many people are choosing to become freelancers and work from home. To do this, they usually need proper internet access and basically almost nothing too sophisticated other than that.

According to many, here are the benefits of working in a coworking space:

  1. Relatively affordable lease; it is an ideal alternative for startup companies with limited resources
  2. The facilities provided boost productivity; a coworking space usually provides electrical sockets, high-speed wireless internet, and separate meeting rooms
  3. The atmosphere is generally more conducive; unlike cafes or coffee shops, coworking space visitors have a similar goal, which is to work
  4. There is a greater chance of building a network.

The visitors

Although commonly associated with creative workers, such as designer, photographer, and videographer, coworking space visitors are actually varied. They come from diverse professional backgrounds. For instance, according to Work@ website, the visitors in Bandung, Indonesia include finance consultants, marketing workers, distributors, property developers, etc.

A new movement of productivity

A flexible working hour is an advantage for people who do not like office hours. Biologically, many people don’t just hate working hours. Many of them are naturally more functional later in the day or even in the evening. Therefore, coworking space is good for them because it allows for more control over their working time. With this kind of optimization of productivity, more people are contributing to the economy and create a new movement in general.