Hubton Happy Hour

Welcome to Hubton Happy hour! Where we talk about creativity, design, and work-life balance. In this podcast series, we sit back, relax, sip our coffee, and laugh. Come sit with us and join our delightful discussions. Don’t forget your coffee!

Episode 6: I don’t know what I don’t know — How to describe your products and services

The world needs your product! In this episode, we discussed the next important step: finding people that need them. Listen to our light discussion on how to define your products, services, experiences, and values that you want to offer to the public.

Episode 5: New Normal at Hubton Indonesia

Inside scoop on how new normal at Hubton looks like and what we have learned so far. Are we gonna work from home for good?

Episode 4: Passion VS Monetization

A fun chit-chat and day-dreaming session about life, passion, and how those two can uplift each other. Here, we also explore the notion of passion not being a destination, but a journey.

Episode 3: Finding inspiration during a pandemic

Ways to look for inspirations from the comfort of our own homes. In this discussion, we talk about how to stay inspired at home and while fasting!

Episode 2: Can you draw?

An insightful talk on what design is and its implication on our life. Here, we look at design from the perspective of those who need design expertise and those having it. Do designers need to be able to draw?

Episode 1: Introduction

Our team, Andini and Robi, discusses Hubton Indonesia, Hubton Happy Hour, and coffee. Let’s get to know each other!