Hubton at UXiD Meet-Up: “Principles of UX and UI Design in Digital Industries”

On August 4, 2018, UXiD with Indigo Creative Nation organized a meet-up event for UI/UX activists and enthusiasts in Bandung. Our co-founder, Zaki Fitria, spoke at the event regarding the importance of interface design for brands.



As a part of the Roadshow to UXiD Conference, this event allows UI/UX activists and enthusiasts to gather with like-minded people; there were approximately 40 people attending.


Adam Azkiya, the coordinator of UXiD Bandung, begin the day by opening the meet-up. In his opening speech, Adam shared brief information about UXiD Conference 2018 and its relation to the meet-up. Afterward, the event was led by Joshua as the moderator.

UX Principles

The first speaker, Bengris Pasaribu, is the UX Master in Indonesian Telecommunications. In his session, Bengris highlighted the difference between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). To put it simply, UI is the design that you make and see on the screen, while UX is the overall experience the user gets from the UI.

According to Bengris, User Experience is important due to business needs and consumer needs – it is important to evenly meet both needs. Moreover, Bengris elaborated the 11 stages of building an optimized User Experience. The stages include stakeholder interview, heuristic evaluation, building persona, user requirements, information architecture and navigation, sketching and wireframing, prototype, usability testing, developing, launching, and analytic.

In conclusion, User Experience revolves around usability. It determines the focus of the interaction between the user and the device. In usability, several elements involved, including learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors, and satisfaction.

A Glimpse of GUI (Graphic User Interface)

Zaki Fitria followed the first presentation with the topic of Graphic User Interface (GUI). In his session, Zaki elaborated the importance of the GUI in a brand. He highlighted the value added by GUI to a brand. This includes trust, satisfaction, pride, and loyalty. Besides the designers, a good GUI must involve external parties in the development, for instance, the developers and product owners. Furthermore, a good UX Design must consist the following principles: clarity, intuitive, hierarchy, consistent, flexible, wireframing, above the fold, right placeholder, and pixel perfect.

Finally, to wrap up the event, the two speakers had a photo session with the participants. UXiD team also documented this event in a form of a video. Head over to their page to check it out.


Attended by about 40 audiences, the event was filled with UI/UX practitioners and enthusiasts.

(Hubton Indonesia)