Hubton at Workshop: “Resto Run Well!”

Hubton Indonesia’s CEO & Designer, Andini Endah Pratiwi, spoke in “Resto Run Well!: 4 Keys You Need to Know About Café & Resto Management” workshop on Thursday, August 23, 2018.

This workshop took place from 8.30 a.m. through 5 p.m. Fifty-five attendees were present that day. They include café and restaurant owners from Bandung as well as other cities in Indonesia. In addition, startup founders and aspiring entrepreneurs were also present at this workshop.

Hubton Indonesia's CEO & Designer, Andini Endah Pratiwi, speaking at the workshop.

The workshop was held to address the rapid development of technology has changed people’s way of life around the world.

According to Melvin Mumpuni, CEO and founder of, this workshop aims to educate the attendees about food and beverages business in Indonesia. In addition, the workshop aims to provide the opportunity for the speakers and participants to exchange their knowledge.

This event that was held in Harris Hotel & Convention Ballroom is a resuls of a collaboration of, Hubton Indonesia, Inagri, BIM, and Dale Carnegie. The main topic of the workshop were the four pillars of strategic business management. They include finance, people development, operational, and sales and marketing. An expert on each field led the discussion on each topic.

The four pillars

Malvin Mumpuni began the day with a discussion on finance. With “Leveraging Financial Data to Grow Your Business” as his main focus, the session provided insight on how to manage financial data to serve as a foundation when establishing financial strategies.

Malvin Mumpuni, discussing the key factors of employee engagement to build a relationship between employees in a café/restaurant.

Malvin Mumpuni, discussing the key factors of employee engagement to build a relationship between employees in a café/restaurant.

Following the first session, Andrianto Kastin from Dale Carnegie Training led the next one. This session consists of hands-on practice as a simulation of how to maintain the connection between employees. In other words, the session covered ways to enhance employee engagement.

Andrianto Kastin, a speaker from Dale Carnegie Training.

Andrianto Kastin, a speaker from Dale Carnegie Training.

Afterward, M. Siddieq Aziz, the CEO of Inagri, presented the third pillar of strategic business management, which is operational management that focuses on supply chain management. Overall, the session covered operational management in general, risk management, and an introduction to inventory management in café and restaurant businesses.


In this segment, the speakers from the digital branding and social media communication were given an opportunity to conduct a discussion on relevant topics.

Wrap-up session

To conclude the event, there was a panel discussion approaching the end. The discussion covered various topics from company branding (e.g. logo and tagline) to an engagement strategy for a brand impression to reach a wider audience.


The speakers, Andini Endah Pratiwi (CEO & Designer of Hubton Indonesia), Tama Randy (Marketing Communication of @infoBDG), and Cical Fajar Perdana (Food Blogger of @MakanPakeReceh) exchanging ideas with the audience members

As an attempt to enrich their understanding, the participants got the chance to ask questions. Furthermore, as an attempt to provide an actual impact, there was a networking session by the end of the event. This final session provided the opportunity for the participants, speakers, and sponsors to establish relationships.

Above all, it was apparent that the goals of the event for café and restaurant owners have been achieved. They have gained new insights on how to improve the strength of their business foundation. This includes a strong business management and best strategies to achieve success.

(Hubton Indonesia).