Hubton at ADGI Class on UI/UX Disciplines

Maranatha Christian University with the Indonesian Graphic Designers Association organizes a public lecture on UI/UX disciplines.



This lecture and training on UI/UX disciplines that took place on March 24, 2018, encompasses the general idea of UI/UX design, the prototyping process, and the UI/UX principles. There was a large spectrum of audience members, including the students who currently take Interactive Design class at Maranatha Christian University the alumni, and general UI/UX practitioners and enthusiasts.

For this occasion, the Indonesian Graphic Designers Association (ADGI) delegated two speakers. They are Bayu Wiranagara from Humane and Zaki Fitria from Hubton Indonesia.

Experience matters

Beginning the session Zaki displayed some comic strips about how different life is before and after the internet. Afterward, with this light topic, he bridged the discussion to an emphasis on how substantial the internet has become for our daily life. This comes hand-in-hand with the experience on the display screens of various gadget that we use to access the internet. With this in mind, it becomes important for us whether or not we like what we see and do on our screens. As a result, the demand for good interface design is inevitable to ensure the best experience.

Bringing design to life

Furthermore, to complement the discussion on basic principles of UI/UX design, Bayu led the next discussion on a more technical topic. From his years of designing experience, he elaborated the process of actualizing the UI/UX idea to become an actual product. From breaking down client briefs to making prototypes, the participants got a glimpse of how a project looks like. Moreover, the participants got the chance to take a closer look at the flowchart of interface design.

The presenters proceeded to show their prototypes to demonstrate how a concept go through the process to become a final product. They also compared the use of different applications for prototyping. The applications include, among other, Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq, and Invisio. In addition, the presenters also picked some of the applications they favor the most and why.


Let your mind wonder

After listening to the lectures, the participants were given an opportunity to ask questions. With great enthusiasm, the participants took the chance and discussed what they have in mind with the speakers. Some of the faculty members also let the participants pick their brains to make the discussion become more insightful.

At the end of the session, Bayu and Zaki presented their design portfolio to the participants. In a lighthearted ambiance, the participants were included with interesting stories about clients, difficult projects, and funny client meeting experiences.


As a chance to better build their capability, the participants can take a UI/UX practice class. This is a series of follow-up lectures to the day’s lectures on UI/UX disciplines. ADGI and Maranatha Christian University organized this class with the same speakers. The class is to be held every Friday for the next four weeks. All of the participants can attend the class regardless of their attendance in the regular Interactive Design class; everyone can come!


(Hubton Indonesia).