Hubton Indonesia Featured on Tribun Jabar

We are very happy to announce that Hubton Indonesia was featured on the Tribun Jabar.

Tribun Jabar is a daily newspaper covering stories in West Java. In their January 7, 2018 edition, they feature Hubton Indonesia in the “Story of Woman” section. The section features our CEO & UX Designer, Andini Endah Pratiwi, especially on how she started the digital business in web design and development.


A full-page article on Andini’s business endeavor

The article features a full-page exposition with some photos. The title can be transliterated as “The Majority of (Hubton’s) Clients are from Abroad”. So, as the title suggest, the article reveals a story about Hubton Indonesia’s endeavor with clients from all around the world.

In its early days in 2012, remote working for clients was the main operation of the business. Then, everything starts when Hubton Indonesia just got into an early settlement in Bandung. Then, a longtime regular, a client named Jennifer Clark, who owns Melbourne-based Jen Clark Design, assigned Andini as a vice for their newly opened branch in Bandung.

To this day, Hubton Indonesia has served clients from all around the globe. As a result, as the company grows, Hubton Indonesia employs ten people to maintain the effective operation of the office. Each of them has exceptional skills in web and graphic design–as per needed by the company standard.

Hubton Indonesia is optimistic about this exposure in Tribun Jabar. Therefore, we take it as driving excellence to always thrive to be better for our clients and the creative industry. In addition, we are also holding on to our core value of constructive ideas and positive thinking.

(Hubton Indonesia).