Sekolah Matahari Kecil Office Visit

On a sunny Wednesday, December 6, we had a visit from Sekolah Matahari Kecil at our office in Jl. Juanda, Dago, Bandung. The joyful group arrived at 12 at noon, making our afternoon break even more delightful.

Sekolah Matahari Kecil was founded in 2015 by a community of young teachers and aims at providing education for homeless kids. Implementing the curriculum and teaching method of SMPN 8 Bandung, the school is tuition-free. They have regular school hours, which is from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 12:00. There are about 12-14 students in every grade.

The office visit started with an introduction session by Mr. Dodi from General Affair. He gave a quick explanation of Hubton Indonesia, including the people, the office area, the snack bar, and the activities for the next two hours.

Proceeding to the main event, the students and teachers went on an office tour. Firstly, they got to explore the first floor. In this area, they can observe the daily activities of the people in the management department.

First floor

The first floor consists of two sections, the lounge and the office for General Affair and CEO. On the tour, the teachers and students observed the world clocks displaying different time of big cities around the world. Then, they were able to observe the mood board area, where visual references are put together within one big iron grid on the wall. Aside from its ornamental purpose, the reference board is mainly used as a vessel to fuel our creative ideas.

Second floor

Afterward, the teachers and students proceeded with the tour to the second floor. The highlight of the second floor is the pantry area, where everyone at the office uses the area to get coffee, chat, or just relax. In addition, since the office mainly produces website designs, this floor is the main area for developers and illustrators. In this area, the teachers and students got a glimpse of how to build a website, especially using complicated codes to make websites that don’t look complicated.

Third floor

The last stop was the third floor of the office, where the graphic designers of Teessigns department work. That day, the students were given an opportunity to apply their own design to the T-shirts that the team is currently working on. Using their initials and nicknames, our designers helped them to create simple typographies and implement them into T-shirt designs. This activity was the most engaging experience for the students because they get to experience the design process hands-on.

The office visit ended with a session where the students and teachers told us about what they have learned and their overall impression of the office. Finally, we wrapped it up with a group photo session.

(Hubton Indonesia).