UNCOVER – Dassein Design Bureau Exhibition

Dassein Design Bureau is an independent branding & design studio from Bandung. Since 2016, this exhibition was held to commemorate and celebrate their 6th anniversary, it was held for three days last June in Urbane Galeri, Cigadung, Bandung.

Uncover was the name of the exhibition, through Uncover they tried to showcase their portfolio from their earliest to latest work. Walking through the exhibitions you’ll come across a range of familiar logos used in Bandung F&B industries. Their design was catchy, attractive and able to translate the client products really well with their audience.

Not just logofolio showcase, UNCOVER also shows a branding portfolio that has been done by Dassein, designs on the packaging and merchandise of various clients. Dassein demonstrates their expertise in incorporating each client’s brand vision into product and logo designs, all of which have their own distinct character and uniqueness. This exhibition was held like an array of moodboards, showcasing their colourfulness, and varieties. Through this exhibition Dassein demonstrated their expertise in branding really well.